I have switched this class to be fully in-person. You can continue to attend remotely if you prefer to do so. Please read this important note about in-person classes by clicking here.


Fall 2020: Tu 6-9 PM on the Langone schedule.

Maybe offered in spring 2020 if there is demand (not very likely).

Prerequisite: Modeling Financial Statements aka Financial Statement Modeling

MBA ACCT-GB-3344 specializations:

Undergrad ACCT-UB-0044 concentration: Accounting

You will learn to model salient corporate events such as acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, public offerings, projects, and securitizations. The course also covers the necessary accounting details.

This course is highly relevant for bankers, private and public equity investors, lenders, corporate finance professionals, project financiers, and consultants. The conceptual, practical, and technical knowledge gained in this course can give you a significant competitive edge during your interviews, internships, and jobs.

Prerequisites and system requirements

Help and Office

Materials and Course Design


Exams and Grading

Important computer tips for the final


1. Acquisitions: Identifying and modeling synergies

Revenue-related synergies

Expense-related synergies

2. Acquisitions: Modeling consideration paid and acquired assets

Consideration paid

Modeling acquired assets

Modeling acquired pre-tax liabilities

Modeling deferred tax liabilities and assets


3. Acquisitions: Drivers of accretion and dilution

4. Leveraged buyouts: Modeling changes in capital structure

Identifying LBO targets

Modeling sources of financing and their waterfall

Modeling exit strategies and multiples

5. LBO: Modeling advanced debt and equity structures

6. Bankruptcies

7. Step acquisitions and non-controlling interest

8. Modeling corporate breakups

9. Modeling project finance

10. Modeling tax efficient structures

11. Modeling securitizations

12. Final exam

For Langone classes (evening), the final exam is in the last class. For day classes, the final exam is as per the time set by the registrar. Please check the registrar's website.