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Will be offered in spring 2022: 1.5 credits

MBA ACCT-GB-3153 specializations:

Undergrad ACCT-UB-53 concentration: Accounting

We analyze renewable energy and electric vehicles industries from the perspective of entrepreneurs, managers, and investors by examining the following: (1) Financial statements of renewable energy companies and electric vehicles companies. (2) Their business drivers and trends. (3) Simplified financial models of renewable energy projects.



Core course in Financial Accounting

Attendance, Help, and Office


Exams and Grading

There are no in-class quizzes, midterms, or final exams.

System Requirements



Topic 1: Building simplified financial models of solar energy projects

Electricity pricing and modeling revenues

How does solar fit into the overall energy landscape

Utility-scale solar photovoltaic project

Commercial solar photovoltaic project

Topic 2: Analysis of solar hardware manufacturers, solar EPC, and solar utility companies


In-depth financial statement analysis

Topic 3: Analysis of distributed solar companies


In-depth financial statement analysis

Topic 4: Building simplified financial models of wind energy projects

How does wind fit into the overall energy landscape

Onshore wind energy projects

Offshore wind energy projects

Topic 5: Analyzing wind turbine makers, wind EPC, and wind utility companies


In-depth financial statement analysis

Topic 6: Analysis of electric vehicle companies

Building a financial model from the perspective of an electric vehicle owner

Industry dynamics

In-depth financial statement analysis